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Maile Seed 

Unless otherwise stated, all seeds are bred/produced by Hawaiian Horticulture.  The exception being the non-threatened Native Hawaiian plants as many of these are collected in the wild.  The wild collected seed-stock allows for a wide phenotype range in our seeds due to the large genetic drifts created by our island. 

A wild-type phenotype is good for consumers that want a more natural look to their plantings, this is also great for breeders who want to add to their current programs or start work on new varieties.  We recommend that you purchase from our live plant/cutting trays selection if you desire uniform plants as opposed to seeds that can produce random looking plants.


Most of our commercial quality seeds come from the University of Hawaii breeding programs, Jonnies Seeds, or local breeders.  We also produce our own limited line of commercial quality seeds, which will be introduced for public sale in the future. 


Note that many of our seeds may be seasonal, as plants grow year-round in Hawaii but generally only fruit/flower/go-to-seed once or twice a year. Some plants we force into seed, for our breeding programs, to ensure year-round seed availability. Most tropical plants (especially fruit crops) are not adapted to dry/dormant seasons; they will typically drop their seeds for immediate germination. This means that we can only ship these seeds in their natural pericarp or packaged freshly from the fruit and must be planted by the purchaser as soon as possible according to instructions included with packaging.

To make things easier for you we have our entire list of seeds on one section, at the bottom of the page; we also have the Commercial Vegetable Seeds and Native Hawaiian Plant Seeds split into separate sections for quick searching.



Native Hawaiian Seeds


Non-Native Hawaiian Seeds

Pakay Ice-Cream-Bean Tree
                            Inga feuilli

Hawaiian Woodrose
Merremia tuberosa

Annona muricata

tree type (20 seeds)


Non-Native Hawaiian Seeds (limited)
Many of these plants have escaped into the Hawaiian wilderness where they become weedy, invasive, and disrupt natural flora and fauna. When Hawaiian Horticulture teams go out to remove these weedy plants there are times when we find certain specimens that breed in the wild and create potential landscaping specimens or breeding stock. Hawaiian Horticulture does not promote the use of these plants in Hawaii (except to experienced breeders) and we save these particular plants from eradication only for sale to interested buyers on the mainland. Some of these plants are live-plant-only (as they are one of a kind) but many are available as collected seeds. Items colored in orange will only sell to mainland buyers.


Commercial Quality Vegetable Seeds
These seeds are developed for home garden or commercial production. Compared to typical varieties, our selections are more vigorous growing in vegetative stages, have abundant bud/flower set, and larger fruits than most varieties. They are selected for resistance against rusts, insects, and drought (when properly cared for). Typically high input varieties developed for hydroponic production but we also have heirloom varieties breed for organic soil growing. These are sometimes slower growing and lower yielding than the commercial varieties but are selected for excellent flavor and lower fertilizer requirements. Items with a star * are part of this organic heirloom line of seeds.

Red Bell Pepper (coming soon)


Head Lettuce

'manoa' Head Lettuce
                            Lactuca sativa      Bred by The University of Hawai'i and is great for soil but works best in hydroponics. Can easily handle hawai'i's hot and humid conditions but, as with all lettuce, will do best in an area with cool/dry nights and full sun during the day.


Red Lettuce

'grand rapids' Red Lettuce
                            Lactuca sativa
     Pelleted to ensure even germination; 30-50 day variety producing red hearts and green leaf tips.

'grand rapids-blackhawk' Red Lettuce
                            Lactuca sativa
     Same as normal 'grand rapids' but entire leaf becomes dark purple

'grand rapids-marimba' Red Lettuce
                            Lactuca sativa
     50-60 day variety; very cold hardy and frost tolerant (not heat tolerant). Great for                                                                garden/restaurant use as new leaves rapidly replace harvested leaves.

'Dark lollo rossa' Red Lettuce
                            Lactuca sativa
     30-50 day variety; one of the most popular salad mix varieties. Slightly frost tolerant but will grow well in warm climate if cold nights are provided.


All lettuce seeds are $1 per 1000 seeds except for pelletized seeds which are $1 per 100 seeds. (if you don't see a button simply email inquiries) shipping is $3.00 for up to 3000 seeds



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